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Consultants, Researchers, and Information Providers

Who: Top-tier energy consultants, many smaller, specialist consultants, energy-leading universities, national labs, and industry leaders in information, news, and analytics.
What for: To support custom project work and syndicated forecast services, for a wide variety of research and policy analysis, and to support information publications.

Your clients seek solutions to critical energy market issues. With your market knowledge and AURORA’s fast, flexible design, you'll have what you need to answer questions no one's even thought to ask. AURORA gives you the power to design your own scenarios to answer your own unique queries, working with the analytic tools and implementing your own datasets to serve your client’s needs.

Built on XML and Microsoft’s .NET framework, AURORA interoperates cleanly and quickly with other analytic tools, bringing eXtensible Modeling Power (XMP) to all your research. You can run custom scripts built on Visual Basic .NET or Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), handle I/O from XML, SQL, MySQL, or Access databases, link in MS Excel workbooks, and produce results.

AURORA lets you modify and save changes within an individual analysis or model run, with change sets that simplify scenario management and sensitivity studies. Offering you complete control over almost every aspect of model operation (including dynamic data modification), AURORA links easily to other applications, acting as a power-system simulation and pricing engine.

AURORA’s unique combination of analytical power, versatility and speed make it an indispensible risk analysis tool as well, enabling you to accurately measure value at risk and examine uncertainties around demand, fuel prices, transmission constraints, hydro conditions and other variables. Large amounts of information are available from a risk run, aiding detailed analysis. AURORA’s risk analysis tools:

  • Capture the effects of market volatility
  • Enable analysis on a full set of statistical results
  • Produce a stratified distribution of results in fewer runs
  • Enable any number of output variables to be selected
  • Easily integrate with other models or analytical tools
  • Allow a full view of options and alternatives
  • Perform multiple analyses quickly

Moreover, when EPIS receives requests for consulting services, we refer these requests on to you. As a licensed user of AURORA we support you, we do not compete against you.

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