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Calibrated Datasets

The comprehensive and calibrated databases that we offer as a part of Aurora, or as an optional add-on, simplifies meaningful reporting and forecasting. All Aurora databases include a base-case 25-year power price forecast and generator capacity expansion and retirement plan. The sources and procedures used to update the data are thoroughly documented. Updates to the databases are provided under the annual Aurora license.

We painstakingly calibrate and test every dataset. We perform regular backcasts to ensure that our data holds up against real-world situations. Each backast consists of an installed capacity, generation by fuel, and price analysis. For Example:

Calibrated Datasets
Historical and simulated annual generation comparison for the East Interconnect as a function of fuel type.

Calibrated Datasets
Calibrated Datasets
Calibrated Datasets
Monthly average day-ahead power prices evaluated with historical prices.

Databases are delivered as part of AURORA.

U.S. - Canada Database
The U.S. - Canada Database includes a calibrated, formatted, and comprehensive set of input data affecting generator dispatch, power flow, and locational power price formation in AURORA. It includes:

  • Definitions of current and under-construction generating units with detailed operational characteristics
  • Location-specific fuel prices
  • Granular market areas including: demand, hydro energy and constraints, resource- or technology-specific emissions rates and prices, spinning and operating reserves, and transmission interconnection
  • Flexible system representation
  • Fully integrated regional, nodal databases are also available

The detail, testing, and calibrating of our U.S. - Canada database yields useful and defensible results right out of the box. Its flexible structure and importing tools enable you to effortlessly customize it with proprietary data for your specific needs.

European Database
The European Database includes detailed generator information, granular country and sub-country level market areas, fuel prices, demand, transmission interconnection, and more.

Our expert team of analysts rigorously maintains the European database so you have an accurate view of the markets right out of the box. Like our U.S. - Canada database, its flexibility is unmatched in providing scenario analysis or customization with proprietary data.

The European database features over 50 market areas, modeling more than 9,000 generating units and includes over 400 unique fuels. In addition, EU emission policies and constraints are incorporated. The database has been released since 2008, with several updates yearly, including sources like: ENTSOE, RTE, DECC, ICE, BNetZa, DUKES and many others.

Mexico Database
We are proud to now offer our Mexico Database as an add-on to AURORA. The AURORA Mercado El├ęctrico Mayorista (MEM) database is regularly updated to reflect the most recent PRODESEN assumptions from SENER. Also included is information from other key sources including CENACE, CFE and IPPs in Mexico.

The Mexico database is formatted, tested, and immediately ready to use for high-quality valuations, market analysis (including energy and capacity), as well as congestion and risk analysis of Mexican power markets. It offers cross-border analysis with boundary zones, including Belize, Guatemala, ERCOT (TX), WECC (AZ) and WECC (CA-ISO).

For pricing or more information on the Mexico Database, please click here

Multiple Database Formats
AURORA supports multiple database formats, including internal SQL (no other product required), SQL Server, MySQL, XML and MS Access, giving you exceptional control over input and output. You can query large datasets right in the model and can even link to externally maintained Excel worksheets to fully integrate your custom data.

Information Mastery
Utilize Visual Basic scripting to control virtually any input or output and easily exchange data with a wide range of other applications. Scripting allows you to alter the data quickly and on the fly. Combine this with our Project Scheduler for amazing automation opportunities.

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