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Energy Portfolio Analysis

Flexible Analysis of Complex Contract and Portfolio Options

AURORA uses market fundamentals and advanced dispatch logic to give energy executives, developers and resource planners an accurate view of a portfolio’s value.


  • User-specified resources and contract types
  • Flexible assignment of owner’s percentages
  • Reporting of generation and revenues for each resource
  • Flexible data modeling and editing capabilities
  • Open or closed system modeling
  • Multiple portfolio comparisons


  • Supports full production cost analysis of load aggregation
  • Provides a portfolio’s net position – long or short
  • Provides power costing and portfolio valuation
  • Provides data for portfolio value or profit-at-risk analyses
  • Calculates historic avoided costs
  • Values RFP responses in a whole-system context

AURORA’s speed lets analysts perform multiple long-term model runs to evaluate completely when—and under what conditions—resources will perform economically.

AURORA also calculates net power costs and system costs for individual resources. Marketers, developers and utilities can use this capability to easily determine how to position a contract or value a new resource in the market.

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