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Power Market Forecasting Software

The AURORA Energy Market Model is the most comprehensive, reliable, market forecasting software available.

    • Day-ahead, monthly and long-term price forecasts
    • Energy Prices by market areas, zones or trading hubs
    • Advanced hourly commitment and dispatch logic
    • Resource and portfolio valuation
    • Power costing
    • Market exposure
    • Flexibility in analyzing complex contracts and portfolio options
    • User-specification of resources and contract types
    • Capacity expansion and retirements
    • Lifecycle analysis
    • Automated resource optimization logic
    • Unlimited definition of supply alternatives
    • Optional built-to-reserve-margin logic
    • Complete risk and uncertainty analysis
    • Fuel price, hydro and load volatility
    • Volume and price uncertainty
    • Sensitivity analyses
    • Hedging strategy analyses
    • Random or Latin Hypercube treatment of price drivers
    • Flexible definition of stochastic variables

AURORA energy forecast software offers these time-saving features:

  • User-definable screens, reports, and graphs
  • Robust scenario management
  • Automated data inputs
  • Full user access to all inputs and outputs

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