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Traders, IPPs, Developers, and Financial Institutions

Who: Trading floors, independent power producers (IPPs), renewable developers, hedge funds, and investment banks.
What for: To analyze merchant power opportunities - ranging from day-ahead trading (both zonal and nodal FTR), to origination and multi-month/year contract/PPA structuring, to asset valuation.

In an efficient market, you need every edge to succeed. Whether you’re pricing long-term contracts or firming up the next hour on the spot market, AURORA is the analytical tool you need to evaluate your options.

The industry’s leading power market simulation model, AURORA is fast and easy to use to produce short-term and long-term price forecasts for all major market zones and trading hubs. AURORA simulates hourly supply and demand to provide electric price forecasts for the short term or for years out.

AURORA’s bidding logic can help you simulate power markets.

AURORA is highly flexible. You can easily modify input data assumptions, automate and integrate your own data or data from other sources into your forecast. You can also examine results mid-simulation &emdash; hour-by-hour or unit-by unit; to better understand market factors and effects.


  • Outperforms slower models
  • Generates accurate short- and long-term forecasts
  • Forecasts clearing prices in each market zone
  • Allows for easy retention and archiving of results for all studies
  • Interfaces easily with other analytical tools
  • Offers superior data management capabilities

Fully Integrated Locational Marginal Pricing

EPIS, LLC delivers to power marketers, developers, and resource planners a fully integrated nodal analysis solution in AURORA. This new capability includes a detailed database, sophisticated generation commitment and dispatch logic, risk, and portfolio capabilities of AURORA. Decision makers can obtain the results they need in a timely fashion, for tasks like bus-level locational marginal price (LMP) forecasts, valuations of financial transmission rights (FTRs), and long-term asset valuations.

This state-of-the-art transmission analysis capability delivers:

• LMP and FTR values

Potentially significant for:

  • determining risk of deliverability
  • hedging strategies

Both Optimal Power Flow (OPF) and Security Constrained Optimal Power Flow (SCOPF) solution options

  • Consistent chronological data utilized in the nodal solution
  • Generation and load profiles may significantly impact LMP, FTR values
  • GIS maps and display options

All of AURORA’s renowned power and flexibility, including:

  • Scenario analysis
  • Risk analysis
  • Powerful and flexible output reporting options

This is a complete solution, pre-packaged with all the data needed to perform detailed analysis.

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