The Power Tool For The Industry

Power Market Price Forecasting


  • Multi-zone, transmission-constrained dispatch
  • Hourly optimized unit commitment
  • User-specified timeframes – hourly, daily, monthly and yearly
  • On-peak/off-peak pricing
  • Bidding options
  • Emissions costs and caps
  • Advanced user-friendly interface


  • Outperforms models
  • Generates accurate short- and long-term forecasts
  • Forecasts clearing prices in each market zone
  • Allows for easy retention and archiving of results for all studies
  • Interfaces well with other analytical tools
  • Superior data management capabilities

AURORA is the industry’s leading power market simulation model. Fast and easy to use, AURORA produces both short-term and long-term price forecasts for all major market zones and trading hubs.

AURORA simulates supply and demand on an hourly basis to provide electric price forecasts.

AURORA’s sophisticated bidding logic enables modelers to understand such market subtleties as cost of emissions and shadow bidding effects by unit.

AURORA is highly flexible. You can modify inputs, variables and data or integrate it with your own data or risk models. You can also examine outputs mid-simulation — hour-by-hour or unit-by unit — to better understand market factors and effects.

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