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Power Market Risk Analysis

Maximum Flexibility and Speed in Analyzing Risk and Uncertainty

AURORA’s unique combination of analytical power and speed make it an indispensible risk analysis tool.

AURORA’s impressive speed and variety of statistical outputs enable both executives and analysts to accurately measure value at risk. AURORA helps you win even in times of uncertainty and volatility.

AURORA enables you to examine uncertainties around demand, fuel prices, transmission constraints, hydro conditions and other variables. Large amounts of information are available from a risk run, allowing detailed analyses.


  • Normal, log-normal, uniform and binomial distributions
  • Internal Monte Carlo and Latin Hypercube simulations
  • Positive and negative correlation of variables
  • Flexible selection of assumptions, drivers and stochastic variables
  • Histogram results


  • Captures effects of market volatility
  • Enables analysis on a full set of statistical results
  • Produces a stratified distribution of results in fewer runs
  • Enables any number of output variables to be selected
  • Easily integrates with other models or analytical tools
  • Allows full view of options and alternatives
  • Performs multiple analyses quickly

AURORA performs many operations within a risk scenario, including:

  • Evaluates the effect of volatile market conditions
  • Tests hedging strategies
  • Understands volume and price uncertainty
  • Performs sensitivity analyses
  • Develops bidding strategies

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