AURORAxmp: Power Market Model

Nodal Analysis (LMP/FTR) Capabilities

More power for complex markets.

Take AURORAxmp to the next level. Nodal Capability.

In wholesale energy markets (such as PJM, ISONE, MISO, ERCOT and CAISO) that use Locational Marginal Pricing (LMP), AURORAxmp has powerful capabilities to simulate the marginal cost of serving the next increment of demand at a transmission node consistent with transmission constraints. LMP prices may be calculated at all the simulated price locations on the grid, including nodes and trading hubs. The LMP prices generally consist of three components: Energy, Congestion, and Losses.

Under LMP each source and sink node (or zone) in the transmission system is assigned a price that is dependent upon the cost of the next (marginal) MW at that node. When congestion occurs on the transmission system, the re-dispatch cost to eliminate the congestion is assigned to the affected nodes through an increase in LMP at the affected nodes.

AURORAxmp's nodal capability enables decision makers to understand the effects of LMP whether they are evaluating a power purchase, determining what to bid for FTRs (or CCRs), or deciding on business transactions in a market that uses LMP pricing.

Users may use this robust capability to achieve their nodal analysis needs. Click on the link below to learn more about this powerful option that is available to you: