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So many utility planners struggle with having separate software tools for regional economic dispatch and pricing, production cost modeling, portfolio modeling, etc. They complain about the time and effort required to maintain multiple databases and software versions to pass the needed information back and forth. And the total cost of using and maintaining all of those tools - frequently including consultants to come in and do the work - is enormous. Often it takes too long to set-up and calibrate be of any use before decisions need to be made by management.

The focus of EPIS is to address this problem. We are software developers of one tool: AURORA. Our expertise is in fundamentals-based power market forecasting and analytics. Our mission is to give customers the best return-on-investment in that space. Customer support is our cornerstone value and we simply refuse to quit on a customer until they are confident with their results.


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EPIS employees have a diverse academic background and nearly all are college graduates with degrees ranging from English, communications, business, economics, computer science, accounting, and engineering.

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