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As impressive as AURORA's processing time is, that only tells part of the story. AURORA also includes a wealth of productivity and project management tools that help analysts produce results more efficiently than competing models. The functions and processing tools included often eliminate the need to license additional applications, saving time, money and resources. Oh, and by the way, because you're using a tool that has a core processing engine that drives multiple functions, you will not have to true up results from one model to another.

Are you...?

  • Concerned about how much you spend on models, data, training, support, and upgrades? Or the total time it takes get good results?
  • Wishing you could model detailed intra-hour dispatch, specify full I/O curve heat rates, or model security-constrained OPF dispatch with nodal price granularity - and still get reasonable run times?
  • Concerned about FERC Order 1000 compliance and the ability or time it will take to adequately perform multi-regional transmission studies?
  • Concerned about the ability or time it will take to perform various long-term capacity expansion runs with appropriate constraints implied by various environmental and regulatory policies?
  • Looking for a rigorous, transparent, fundamentals-based model that is actually fast enough to support trading on a daily basis?
  • Tired of the time and headache caused by dealing with 2 or 3 different models, database formats, and the inconsistencies and challenges of passing data between them?

Don't spend any more of your valuable time waiting on slow models or struggling with the frustration of working with multiple software models. Escape the additional and hidden costs for mediocre customer support, implementation and training. ROI. It matters to your boss. Contact us and we will show you how to dramatically increase your return on modeling investment.


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