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AURORA was created, and our innovation continues, to address the need for quality results---fast. Through an optimal mix of software architecture and design, advanced algorithms including both optimizations and intelligent heuristics, and selective use of detail and granularity when and where it matters, simulation times are much faster than competitive models.

"The key attribute that caused us to use AURORA is its speed. We do a lot of Monte Carlo and uncertainty analysis and AURORA does a real good job with Monte Carlo simulations because it is so fast. Its speed just dwarfs other models that we've used."
     - Larry Vielhaber, Ph.D., Director of Price Forecasting, Denham Capital Management

Don't spend any more of your valuable time waiting on slow models or struggling with the frustration of working with multiple models. For more information on expected time savings with AURORA vs. your current tools and processes, please contact us.


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