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EPIS has a singular focus: AURORAxmp. We are software developers and former utility and power industry modelers, not consultants. We are obsessed with user experience. We relentlessly seek to understand the needs of both the analyst and manager involved in power market forecasting and analysis by listening carefully to the goals of our prospects and customers. We then go to work developing examples and solutions in our software that will help them meet those goals.

"We like AURORAxmp's user is very intuitive. For instance, we can manage studies by project files or data depending on what is most convenient. It saves us a lot of work. We [also] like the flexibility in AURORAxmp's design and database. The modular way the AURORAxmp database is structured makes it convenient to vary different inputs independently. AURORAxmp also makes it convenient to import external data sources. We often run AURORAxmp with specs from several external data sources. It works very well for us."
     - Energy Trader, Houston

"AURORAxmp is really user-friendly. The interface is very intuitive. It doesn't take long to get started and it has easy links to navigate to specific data."
     - Risk Analyst, Canadian Power Company


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EPIS has been developing and supporting AURORAxmp for over 19 years.

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