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EPIS, LLC is the developer of AURORAxmp, the leading-edge software for forecasting wholesale power market prices. The company also provides ready-to-use data for North America, Europe, Mexico and world-class customer support to its growing body of customers worldwide. A variety of organizations-including utilities (large and small), independent power producers (IPPs) and developers, traders, energy consultants, regulatory agencies and universities-use AURORAxmp to model power system dispatch and the formation of both nodal and zonal wholesale power prices, and to perform a wide range of associated analytics over the short- and long-term. AURORAxmp is a comprehensive solution to power market modeling needs.

In mid-1990s, the founders of EPIS, LLC recognized that the energy industry needed a faster, more effective analytical tool to deal with the uncertainties of a volatile electric power marketplace. Building upon a deep understanding of utility economics and resource planning, they developed AURORAxmp to provide the industry with a fast, accurate tool for planning and analysis.

AURORAxmp is a fundamentals-based model that employs a multi-area, transmission-constrained dispatch logic to simulate real market conditions-at either a zonal (transport) or nodal (power flow) level of detail. Its rigorous unit commitment and true economic dispatch capture the dynamics and economics of electric power markets and systems.

AURORAxmp introduces a whole new generation in modeling power and speed. Built using advances from the newest Microsoft .NET technology and with enhanced automation for input data feeds and custom output reports with a wide variety of common database formats, it’s a perfect platform for improved software integration, easier data exchange and faster run times.

Since its introduction in 1997, AURORAxmp has become the industry’s premier model for reliable electric power market price forecasting, resource valuation and market risk analysis. AURORAxmp is now the tool of choice for utilities, energy consultants, merchant power traders, IPPs, and a wide variety of other organizations throughout the Americas, Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

EPIS has corporate offices located in Tigard, OR, Sandpoint, ID, and Salt Lake City, UT. Click here for contact information.


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EPIS has been developing and supporting AURORAxmp for over 19 years.

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