Navigating Clean Power Plan Building Blocks


The EPA’s recently published Clean Power Plan (CPP) has left many companies wondering how to correctly and thoroughly assess the impact of these rules on the market, as well as their future planning.  Energy market participants of all types are struggling to determine what analyses can best evaluate all the available options.  Will they need to comply with a rate-based or mass-based approach?  How will they implement all the pieces of the new legislation?  How will the market be impacted?

In addition to flexible modeling of both mass-based and rate-based constraints, AURORAxmp has all the tools required to model each of the CPP’s building blocks individually or in combination.


Navigating the Clean Power Plan with AURORAxmp

(percentages can be found on page 3 of document for CPP Final Rule)

Regardless of your position or what type of market participant you are, AURORAxmp can provide powerful flexibility that will allow you to generate plant-by-plant or fleet results at the state or regional level. AURORAxmp delivers unparalleled scenario management, exceptionally fast runtimes, collaborative project management, as well as automation in a single multi-functional platform.  Experts across North America have already been using AURORAxmp in CPP studies.

“EVA’s Power Market Advisory team has been using AURORAxmp to analyze multiple flavors of the Clean Power Plan for 18 months now and have had great success. The accuracy and flexibility of the built-in emission constraint logic combined with AURORAxmp’s speed and granularity help provide robust and comprehensive results that meet and exceed our clients’ expectations. Whether we’re assessing a state-level rate-based compliance strategy or a mass-based approach with interstate trading, AURORAxmp’s user interface allows us to perform a wide range of analyses with ease. Further, EPIS’s top-notch customer support team is always available to help us solve issues and discuss modeling techniques. They take our feedback seriously and work consistently to make model updates that help us better simulate the power sector.” – Rob Jennings, Analyst, Energy Ventures Analysis

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