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2015 AZCC Emerging Technologies Workshop

Commissioner Burns from the Arizona Corporation Commission (AZCC) invited CEO, Ben Thompson, to present on innovations in utility software modeling at the AZCC's Emerging Technologies Workshop on October 29, 2015. Ben discusses what software modeling is, and how it is used to provide a foundation for solid decision making by providing insights and comparisons of various options that are otherwise counter-intuitive or invisible. He addresses questions many are asking due to the EPA's Clean Power Plan that can be answered with appropriate software models. He concludes with a review of key technologies that have emerged over the past decade and are emerging now to enable the current state-of-the-art in utility software modeling, including computing hardware and semiconductor advances, general software advances, including those that support greater parallelization and LP/MIP solving performance, and finally, several innovations specific to utility planning software that are used by leading utilities today.

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2015 RBAC User Conference: Clean Power Plan

CEO Ben Thompson’s recent presentation at RBAC, Inc’s Natural Gas Conference in Santa Monica on November 18, 2015, explains how the EPA’s Clean Power Plan will affect gas-fired generation. EIA’s 2015 Annual Energy Outlook doesn’t account for the expected changes to natural gas burn due to the Clean Power Plan. This presentation reviews the basics of EPA’s Clean Power Plan, including differences in the final version that was recently filed in the federal registry vs. the proposed plan announced in 2014. It then examines some implications on expected new generation due to the Clean Power Plan with an illustration of the WECC system. It concludes with a look at an “aggressive CPP” case that includes compliance with CA’s loftier RPS targets which recently became law. What are critical assumptions that should be modeled? How much will maintaining reliability cost with so many increasing intermittent generation resources added to the grid? How much is gas-fired generation expected to change? Get insights to these and other questions through this presentation.

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2015 RBAC User Conference: Integrated Gas & Power Modeling System using GPCM and AURORA

The North American power and gas markets continue to evolve at a rapid pace. Growth and major restructuring in US, Canada and Mexico present various opportunities for investments. At the same time, major regulatory changes are likely to come into effect in the near future. Furthermore, gas and power markets are tightly intertwined. To make the most of the opportunities, an integrated framework for modeling gas and power markets are needed. This presentation reviews the results of our efforts towards developing a combined power and gas model. In particular, we discuss the process and the outcomes of interfacing AURORA (power model) and GPCM (gas model) when each model is running in capacity expansion modes. Our efforts suggest that it is possible to leverage the two models and capture a better picture of the future while accounting for the details in each market.

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